nanolabNanoracks offers a low-cost, turnkey system that provides payload opportunities on the ISS using the CubeSat form factor.

Our core payload hardware is the NanoLab, a powerful box in the CubeSat form factor, measuring 10 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm. Every NanoLab has a circuit board that activates the experiment, turns it off and can be functioned for other activities. Customers have also deployed video cameras and a wide range of sensors inside NanoLabs.

NanoLabs are plugged into our research platforms via a normal USB port, allowing data and power to flow. NanoLabs can be developed by you or purchased from third party vendors. A single NanoLab is 1U in size; we can also handle 2U, or 4U or 2 by 4U for example–and we charge by the size of the NanoLab.

The NanoLabs are at the core of our philosophy: low-cost, open sourced, standardized, miniaturized hardware that allows you, the customer to focus more on the research than re-inventing the hardware ‘wheel” each time.

NR Research Platforms 1 and 2 hold the basic NanoLab. NR Research Frame-3 holds our SuperLab, which is 4U in size and allows for more sophisticated payloads with more power and capabilities.

NanoLabsStandardized plug-and-play research modules for your microgravity experimentation
Nanoracks PlatformsTwo Platforms permanently installed in the International Space Station National Lab

You provide the payload and we provide the rest. From required paperwork to power, from transportation to data retrieval.

  • 10cm cube modules
  • Power from ISS (5V dc)
  • Standard USB connection
  • Easy data downloads
  • Repeatable missions
  • Returnable payloads

Everything necessary for a successful mission is taken care of by the Nanoracks team. Nanoracks offers complete in-house capabilities for payload integration, payload design and development and interfacing with NASA and foreign space agencies.