Outpost Program

Nanoracks Space Outpost Program

Nanoracks envisions a future in space where commercial outposts – today known as space stations and habitats – populate the solar system. 

Nanoracks is the only commercial space station company with existing customers with a pathway to be operating in space in the near term, with realistic price points. This is the Nanoracks Space Outpost Program.

  • Outpost Program – Independence-1
  • Outpost Program – Independence-1
  • Outpost Program – Independence-1

More information and media can be found on the Nanoracks Space Outpost Program mini-site.

The Nanoracks Space Outpost Program which was initially chosen to be part of NASA’s NextSTEP effort in 2016, successfully conducted a comprehensive feasibility study evaluating the conversion of rocket upper stages into habitats (“wet labs”). This innovative approach offers a pathway that is more affordable and involves less risk than fabricating modules on the ground and subsequently launching them into orbit.

In 2018, Nanoracks announced the Company was awarded a study contract by NASA to help develop a vibrant future commercial space economy. This study was awarded to 13 companies to study the future of commercial human spaceflight in low-Earth orbit, including long-term opportunities for the International Space Station. Through this award, Nanoracks is investigating the commercial case for the repurposing of in-space hardware.

Nanoracks first Outposts will be the “Independence” series.

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Nanoracks Space Outpost Program Repurposing spent upper stages of launch vehicles and converting them into commercial space stations in orbit.