Nanoracks SmallSat Rideshare 2016 – Logan, Utah

NanoRacks would like to say thanks to the Small Satellite community! At the 2016 SmallSat Symposium, we’re offering free rides to help attendees get around Logan.

Perhaps you need a ride home from the evening events? Or didn’t get a chance to talk to our team? The NanoRacks RideShare is a great way to get around!

To secure a ride, call or text the NanoRacks RideShare at: 202-670-6355. We’ll be operating Saturday August 6th through Thursday August 11th.

Our team looks forward to meeting you at the event. We will be in the East Colony room – so be sure to stop by, learn about commercial access to space, and talk to the proven market leader for CubeSat deployment in low-Earth orbit.

Additionally, we will be hosting three side meetings to talk to SmallSat attendees about our commercial services for ISS CubeSat Deployment, Kaber Microsatellite Deployment, and the NanoRacks External platform.


The schedule is:


August 9th 10:00-10:45 AM – Taggart Student Center Room 335

NanoRacks CubeSat Deployment Services

Conor Brown (cbrown@nanoracks.com)

The NanoRacks CubeSat Deployment (NRCSD) Program provides a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space. The NRCSD is a self-contained cubesat deployer system that mechanically and electrically isolates cubesats from the ISS. To date, NanoRacks has deployed 80 cubesats from the International Space Station.



August 9th 4:00-4:55 PM – Taggart Student Center Room 335

NanoRacks Kaber Small Satellite Deployment Services

Mike Lewis (mlewis@nanoracks.com)

NanoRacks’ Microsatellite Deployer System for the ISS is called “Kaber.” Payloads for Kaber will be transported to the International Space Station via ISS visiting vehicles. Kaber utilizes the JEM airlock and ISS robotic infrastructure as a deployment platform for microsatellite-class payloads. First Kaber-class satellite launched late-2015 to ISS.



August 10th 9:45-10:15 AM – Taggart Student Center Room 335

NanoRacks External Platform

Henry Martin (hmartin@nanoracks.com)

The NanoRacks External Payload Platform (NREP), manufactured by Airbus DS, will provide the first-ever commercial platform for access to the outer space environment. The platform will be mounted on the Japanese Experiment Module External Facility and will be robotically installed and operated for cubesat form factor payloads. Launched on HTV-5.


We look forward to seeing you at SmallSat!

-The NanoRacks Team


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