Deploying CubeSats and MicroSats into Low-Earth Orbit

Trusted in over 30 nations, there is no better expert than Nanoracks when it comes to small satellite deployment. From international contracts to working with governments and academia, Nanoracks meets all customer needs.

Since 2011 Nanoracks has launched more than 300 small satellites into orbit. Most of them from our favorite deployment platform, The International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is a unique facility that enables Nanoracks to offer a number of remarkable added values compared to traditional rideshare satellite launches and at a very competitive price.

Want to launch a satellite?

Nanoracks CubeSat Deployer In Orbit scaled

Deploy from the ISS at 415km (51.6° inclination)

Frequent launches available on all International Space Station (ISS) cargo resupply vehicles – from 1U to ESPA-class satellites.


Deploy from a SpaceX or PSLV rideshare at 500-600km (sun-synchronous)

We got you covered. Launching on SpaceX Falcon 9 Rideshare, India’s PSLV, and other expendable launch vehicles – from 1U to ESPA-class satellites.

Why Nanoracks

Smallsat Launch Services – Not Just Another Rideshare. Download Nanoracks ISS Satellite Deployment Value Proposition.

End-2-End Service

Nanoracks manages all aspects of your launch from contract signature to in-orbit operations. No need to interface with NASA or any other entity. At Nanoracks ‘we make your mission happen’.

Payload Manifesting

Never deal with launch bureaucracy. That’s our job. We’ll secure your satellite safely on a launch that meets your mission profile.

Frequent Flights

Nanoracks has access to all cargo resupply flights to the ISS and numerous expendable launch vehicles. Our job is to make your mission a reality.

Reliable & Flexible Launch

ISS launches are proven to be very reliable with multiple types of vehicles and a predictable schedule. No prime satellite customer will delay the launches as with Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs).

Competitive Price

Competitive to traditional rideshare launch while incorporating numerous value-adds.

Smooth Ride

Soft stowed, pressurized, and ambient temperature at launch. Your spacecraft will not be exposed to the same magnitude of shock, vibration and depressurization as a traditional rideshare mission.

Deployment Operations

We have mission control right in our facilities. We coordinate all of your deployment operations whether with the astronaut crew or the vehicle operator. All you have to do is turn your satellite on. Easy, right!?

Safety and Integration

We do this too. Our team navigates your satellite through the complicated safety process and works hand-in-hand with you for integrations into our deployers.

Standard Form Factors

Nanoracks ushered in the small satellite standardization revolution. Standardization drives costs down, making missions more affordable to you. 

High-Availability Ground Communications

Extensive ground communications with maximum transmit intervals comparable (and better) with Sun-Synchronous Orbits (SSO).

High Quality Imagery

Show your investors exactly where their money is being well spent, while also getting a visual inspection of the satellite on deployment.

Space Debris Mitigation

One to one and a half year orbit is highly sufficient for most In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) missions, but also means that we are reducing orbital debris and satellites de-orbit naturally.

From Our Customers

  • Nanoracks has been our most trusted mission partner over the last several years. They bring technical expertise, a truly responsive team, and a proven track record of working through safety and regulatory challenges of integrating payloads.

    Launch Director
  • Manifesting with Nanoracks offered us the opportunity and flexibility to execute a mission in a timely manner across multiple classification levels. Their understanding of the verification process to safely launch to the Space Station was central in executing a successful responsive mission.

    SmallSat Mission Manager
    Air Force Research Lab