Dear Potential Space Crowd Fund Entrepreneur!


We are completely psyched that our historic low prices and customer service allow customers to use Kickstarter and other platforms to fund International Space Station projects via NanoRacks!

It is a new chapter in space utilization. Nanosatisfi (now Spire) is our first customer to use Kickstarter and now has two satellites in space! Soon to follow will be Planetary Resources and a whole bunch more after them.

While we are excited, in fact, more than excited, we are delirious at the opportunities, we must ask the following:

Please, please, please show us your Kickstarter text before you go public! We must make sure that what you promise makes sense for our program. We must work together from the beginning to make your vision a reality.

Our motto is “Space 4 Everyone” and all of you have helped make our own vision come alive. Thank you. If any questions reach out to Rich at rpournelle@nanoracks.com.

Talk soon!

The NanoRacks Team

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