On-orbit Platforms and Services for Your Mission

Nanoracks, leveraging a decade of heritage in designing and operating ISS hardware, is developing commercial space systems in direct response to customer needs. These space systems include:

  • Building new commercial space stations that will house comprehensive research and crew capability, approximately equivalent to that available today on the ISS. Learn more about Starlab
  • Supplying payload and crew airlock systems, as well as the services infrastructure to operate them, for tomorrow’s commercial space stations. Learn more about Bishop Airlock
  • Converting commercial launch vehicles upper stages into functional platforms capable of meeting secondary missions. Learn more about Outpost

Nanoracks’ hardware and utilization-enabling mission management services enable a vibrant commercial business and power the low-Earth orbit ecosystem.

What do you want to do in space?


The first ever free-flying commercial space station

Starlab is a continuously crewed, free-flying, commercial space station dedicated to conducting advanced research, fostering commercial industrial activity, and ensuring continued U.S. presence and leadership in low-Earth Orbit. Launching 2028.

Nanoracks Bishop Airlock on space station - render

Your doorway to space

Bishop Airlock is the first permanent, commercial addition to the International Space Station and offers five times more mass and volume capability for deployments and payload hosting than previously available on ISS.

outpost space stations

The future of space infrastructure

Outposts transform used launch vehicle upper stages into controllable platforms across multiple orbits. Each Outpost is brought to life by Nanoracks’ Mission Extension Kit (MEK), a hardware solution that provides power, pointing, data-handling, and communications.