SpaceX-2 Carries Multiple Nanoracks’ Payloads

SpaceX Falcon

By Jeffrey Manber –

It’s been a difficult but worthwhile week for Mike Johnson and the NanoRacks team working payloads.

We have onboard CRS-2 (SpaceX-2) multiple educational payloads spearheaded by Valley Christian High School in San Jose–not only has VCS designed, developed and is now ready for their own experiment, but the school has reached out to other high-schools and by sub-dividing a NanoLab, can offer up to four experiments in a single NanoLab!

And I remember when we first broached the idea of making a single NanoLab our core payload hardware at 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches a lot of folks thought that was too small. Miniaturization is one of the reasons our business model of low cost is thriving.

Also riding on the vehicle is an exciting new chapter in microgravity research. This one is a little more propitiatory, so we’ll say more once it seems to be going well.

But for now we’re in that usual zone of nervousness, confidence, excitement and anticipation. We’re heading to the U.S. National Lab on space station and can’t wait for ignition.


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