Nanoracks’ Statement on Loss of Orb-3 Mission


Webster, Texas—October 30, 2014 – NanoRacks is deeply disappointed by the loss of the Antares rocket, the supplies, science, and commercial cargo on board the Orb-3 Mission on Tuesday night.

These setbacks never sit easy. However, in this industry, we keep our eyes forward knowing that this is part of the business. There is nothing simple about getting to space, but it’s why we at NanoRacks are passionate about what we do for our customers.

We have been in touch with all customers on the Orb-3 Mission and plan to be in touch with all our current and future customers on flight opportunities. Our focus today is on re-booking current customers who are manifested on Orb-4 and Orb-5, onto SpaceX or other cargo vehicles.

The response from the NASA team has been wonderful, and we appreciate their efforts to meet our customer needs both in the short-term and as we move into 2015.

We of course expect that Orbital will identify the root cause and be flying again. But we hope that from this setback we all can see the robustness of the space station program. No longer does the failure of one vehicle terminate a space station program.

All in all, space is hard, but NanoRacks’ International Space Station facilities and services are in fine shape and all of us will weather the storm.

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