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See a range of NanoRacks customers’ CubeSat and NanoLab biological microgravity research payloads, including bacterial growth, seed germination and pollen propulsion experiments – all performed in low earth orbit in internal payloads onboard the International Space Station.

Hydrofuge Plant Chamber

The Lakewood High School Hydrofuge Plant Chamber Experiment aids the expansion of research surrounding deep space travel and helps in the determination of whether plant growth chambers are an adequate food source in space ship environments.

Customer: Lakewood High School
Research: Hydrofuge Plant Growth
NanoRacks Facility: Internal NanoLab
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015


The Bell Middle School Vermicomposting investigation studies whether red wiggler worms, a species of earthworm, are able to produce compost in space. Results are used to study the potential for composting as a form of recycling on future long-duration space missions.

Customer: Bell Middle School
Research: Vermicomposting
NanoRacks Facility: Internal NanoLab
Mission Duration: 03/2015 -…

Fluorescent Polarization

Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute’s Fluorescent Polarization in Microgravity (NanoRacks-Micro-gRx) research examines microgravity’s effect on fluorescent polarization, which paves the way for advanced biology research and drug development in space.

Customer: Sanford Burnham Research Institute
Research: Fluorescent Polarization
NanoRacks Facility: NanoRacks Plate Reader

Plant Seed Germination

Lagrange-1 Plant Seed Germination experiment connects students on Earth to the space program by sending their messages to the International Space Station, along with plant seeds that are germinated after being returned home

Customer: Lagrange Corp
Research: Plant Seed Germination
NanoRacks Facility: Internal NanoLab
Mission Duration: 09/2014 – 09/2015
Mission Status: Complete
More Info…

Microbial Growth

The University of California Comparison of the Growth Rate and DNA Characterization of Microgravity Exposed Microbial Community Samples (MERCCURI) compares how various microbial communities grow on the ground and in microgravity.

Customer: University of California
Research: Microbial Growth
NanoRacks Facility: NanoRacks Plate Reader
Mission Duration: 03/2014 – 09/2014
Mission Status…

Pollen Propulsion

Ambassador High School’s Pollen Propulsion is a Microgravity Environment provides insight as to whether or not pollen grains can be propelled across a short distance in a microgravity when a small fan is activated. The goal of this investigation is to determine if pollen can be transported from plant to plant in a microgravity environment.

Customer: Ambassador High School
Research: Pollen…

Plant Seed Growth

A 2U payload containing an extended-sized autonomous, self-contained plant-seed growth experiment that allows an internal camera to provide snapshots of the stages of growth during the experiment.

Customer Name: Valley Christian High School
Research: Plant Seed Growth
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab Platform
Mission Duration: 09/2012 – 03/2013
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

Microgreen Plant Growth

Girl Scouts of Hawai’i-Microgreen Plant Growth experiment tests the changes in growth of Arugula in microgravity. This research was chosen to collect data on the viability of edible plants grown in space.

Customer Name: Girl Scouts of Hawai’i
Research: Plant Growth
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab Platform
Mission Duration: 09/2012 – 09/2013
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

Bacteria Growth

The Riverside Christian Schools Bacteria Growth Experiment provides insight as to the potential impact of microgravity on the growth cycle of bacteria. Does microgravity change the nominal growth time cycle of E. coli bacteria as compared to what is normally experienced in Earth gravity?

Customer: Riverside Christian High School
Research: Bacteria Growth
NanoRacks Facility: Interna…

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