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Turnkey Data Communications Solution for Space Experiments

NanoRacks Announces Turnkey Data Communications Solution for Space Experiments onboard the International Space Station

Colorado Springs, CO – April 10, 2013 – NanoRacks announced today it has completed development of a turnkey data solution for…

NASA 2011 SBIR Supports Nanoracks System

NASA’s 2011 SBIR and STTR Program Announcements have come out and for the second year NASA continues to seek to build up the NanoRacks’ standardization of payloads for the U.S. National Lab. In several areas, both Ames Research Center and Johnson Space Center and HQ have indicated their interest in receiving proposals that would allow user payloads to efficiently interact with our current and…

Nanoracks’ Facilities Take a Major Leap Forward

NanoRacks Plate Reader

By Jeffrey Manber – Today we can announce that the on-orbit research capabilities of the NanoRacks’ family of hardware facilities has taken a major leap forward. We have been chosen by NASA to adopt an off-the-shelf research facility known as a Plate Reader for use on the U.S. National Laboratory.

First, we have to thank the folks at NASA for entrusting this work to a young company like ours.

NASA Web Site Highlights Nanoracks’ Educational Partner NCESSE

By Jeffrey Manber – NASA’s educational folks have taken note of the great job that Jeff Goldstein and everyone at SSEP has done in launching a national space STEM project via the NanoRacks’ flight and payload opportunities. You can read what they say on the NASA web site at…

Nanoracks and NASA Sign Biopharm Space Act Agreement

NanoRacks and NASA have signed a Space Act Agreement giving NanoRacks the rights to develop for the NanoRacks Platforms on space station Ames Research hardware intended for biopharm research.

Nanoracks Platform Activation Footage

NASA has released video footage of the first NanoRacks Platform and CubeLabs being located into ExPRESS Rack 4 in the Japanese Experiment Module ON-BOARD the International Space Station.

Second Nanoracks Research Platform on Launch Pad


The research opportunities of the U.S. National Lab on the International Space Station are about to increase thanks to NanoRacks LLC. The company’s second research platform is slated to blast off this week on board space shuttle Atlantis. Meanwhile Platform 1 is currently in orbit on-board t…

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