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View the latest about a range of NanoRacks’ customer CubeSat and NanoLab microgravity research payloads internal to the International Space Station or deployed in low earth orbit.

Antenna Pointing System

The GOMX-3 investigation tests a small satellite with an advanced antenna-pointing system and a variety of communications capabilities. The satellite contains three radios, one of which receives beacons from commercial aircraft to improve air traffic monitoring.

Customer: GomSpace
Research: Antenna Pointing System
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 -…


Studying the effects of microgravity on remotely controlled robot control mechanisms and mechanical devices to determine the feasibility of using robots to complete tasks in a microgravity environment, where the only force to overcome is friction.

Customer Name: Fremont Christian High School
Research: Micro Robotics
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab Platform
Mission Duration: 03/2013 -…

Radiation Monitoring

CubeLab-2 carries radiation monitoring devices and radiation shielding experiments to gather baseline radiation information on the ISS and EXPRESS Rack4 in the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM).

Customer Name: NanoRacks
Research: Radiation Monitoring
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab Platform
Mission Duration: 03/2010 – 09/2010
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

Flash Testing

FIRSTLab (Flash Incident Radiation Susceptibility Test Lab) tests the effects of radiation on commercial flash memory devices and serves as a NanoRacks training platform for the ISS astronauts.

Customer Name: NanoRacks
Launch Vehicle: Radiation Testing
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab Platform
Mission Duration: 03/2010 – 03/2011
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

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