Allen Herbert Nanoracks

Allen Herbert

Head - Nanoracks UAE, VP Business Development


Allen Herbert is Vice President of Business Development and Strategy based in the Nanoracks UAE office in Abu Dhabi.  In this position, Mr. Herbert handles special projects, investment funding, and business development specifically for the MEASA region. In addition, Mr. Herbert serves as Interim CEO of DreamUp, a space-based educational company also under the XO Markets organization.

Allen believes that an entrepreneurial space ecosystem with both government and commercial backing will accelerate space development. His commitment to space driven ventures are evident in his personal and professional pursuits. Allen has presented to the US government, Congress and White House in the past as a consultant and space advocate to encourage the US get more involved with emerging space nations.

Allen believes that a thriving global entrepreneurial space ecosystem requires a diverse workforce, and as such, he is committed to building pathways into the space industry and STEM for the next generation. He has always emphasized that space should be just another place to live, work, and do business.

Allen believes that “Imagination, creativity and collaboration are key components that help in advancing space development now and in the future!”

Allen has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.