Allen Herbert

Head - Nanoracks UAE, VP Business Development


Allen Herbert is a Vice President of Business Development and Strategy and is the head of the Nanoracks UAE office. In this position Allen handles special projects, investment funding, and business development, specifically for the Africa, Middle East and South East Asia region.

Allen believes that an entrepreneurial space ecosystem with both government and commercial backing will accelerate space development. His commitment to space driven ventures are evident in his personal and professional pursuits. Allen has presented to the US government, Congress, and White House in the past as a consultant and space advocate to encourage the US get more involved in programs with emerging space nations.

Allen wants to help accelerate the commercial marketplace in low-Earth orbit and beyond by helping to break barriers and democratize space, by allowing space to be just another place to live, work, and do business. He credits Nanoracks for being a major catalyst allowing numerous entrepreneurial space companies and new-to-space nations to enter the commercial space marketplace.

His vision for the future of space exploration includes developing and working on opportunities aimed at game changing space projects in the US, and emerging space nations that advance those nations to leap-frog technologies.

Allen believes that “Imagination, creativity and collaboration are key components that help in advancing space development now and in the future!”

He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.