Amela Wilson Nanoracks

Amela Wilson

Chief Executive Officer


Amela serves as CEO of Nanoracks where she is focused on expanding growth of Nanoracks’ space systems and customer services, including the development of commercial space stations and other in-space platforms.

Prior to joining the Nanoracks team in October 2021, Amela worked as the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Mercury Systems, where was hired to lead and rapidly grow one of three P&Ls. She was responsible for $250M in business, 600 employees, three domestic, and two international sites in this role, she led organizational transformation for growth, re-energized international product insertion into US solutions, and won 8 competitive key programs with Primes or U.S. government programs. Amela explored and conducted diligence on several potential M&As and successfully acquired $300M business to expand Mercury Systems’ global avionics and mission systems portfolio.

Previously, Amela has served in several senior leadership positions including Vice President and General Manager at FLIR Systems, Vice President and General Manager at Elbit Systems of America, Sector Vice President for Program Management, Platform, and Logistics at L-3 Aerospace Systems, and more.

Amela received her Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Sarajevo and received a Master of Science and PhD in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University. She also completed coursework in Executive Leadership from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

Amela is a multidimensional senior executive and strategist who brings passion, perseverance, and integrity to drive growth within speciality system integration, manufacturing, and support environments. She drives change in organizations by building and open and collaborative culture that fosters trust.