John Benac

Director of Advanced Concepts


As Director of Advanced Concepts, John leads development of future Nanoracks products and spreading existing Nanoracks technologies to new platforms such as free flying space stations, lunar orbit, and the surface of the moon.

He has seven years of experience at Boeing, working on 737 final assembly, and NASA Glenn and Johnson Space Centers. John operated console for the International Space Station Mission Control and supported International Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support Systems through the entire lifecycle during station assembly, shuttle retirement, and commercial cargo commissioning. John also contributed on NASA’s SLS heavy lift rocket and defined ground and launch vehicles interfaces and integration concepts for the NASA funded Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer Demonstration Mission. John also conducted contracts supporting United Launch Alliance development of the Vulcan and Atlas V payload accommodations. He served as a Senior Systems Engineer for Advanced Concepts at Stratolaunch, where he first engaged with NanoRacks supporting NanoRacks’ LEO Commercialization proposal studying repurposing of launch vehicle upper stages as in-space habitats and platforms. While at Stratolaunch, he defined new systems and programs and performed mission analysis for government and commercial customers on the Medium Launch Vehicle.