Welcome D’Mani and Maggie!

DMani Maggie

D’Mani Harrison-Porter joined the Nanoracks team as the new Marketing Associate in January 2021. D’Mani will lead all marketing efforts for a Nanoracks in the days to come. His attention to detail and overall passion for marketing is what pulled him towards this opportunity to join Nanoracks. His leadership and expertise will also be greatly appreciated as the world begins returning to conferences and tradeshows in the near future.

A lifelong Washingtonian, D’Mani is excited to continuing to work in DC. After graduating Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA with a degree in English, D’Mani started a career at Topgolf. During so, he completed an intensive marketing program at George Washington University which further enhanced his love for marketing. Being the voice for all that Nanoracks is doing in space will provide a new experience for D’Mani and continue to fulfill his biggest passion, Learning.


Maggie Ahern joined Nanoracks in January of 2021 in the Washington, DC office where her primary role with be as one of the Mission Managers f or CubeSats. Maggie serves as a focal between the Payload Developers, the Nanoracks’ team, and NASA.

Previously, Maggie worked as a Space Systems Engineer at Boeing to develop Command and Data Handling systems for the International Space Station and flight computers for the Space Launch System at Marshall Space Flight Center. Maggie spent her junior and senior year of college working as a NASA intern for developing real-time control systems for cryogenic fluid facilities as well as developing a prototype hierarchical distributed system for deep space habitats at Stennis Space Center. She moved to Huntsville, AL from New Orleans, LA after graduating from Loyola University with a double major in Finance and Computer Science and now has made the jump to Washington, DC.



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