Where to find Nanoracks in 2017


Here is a schedule of tradeshows and events you’ll be able to find NanoRacks at for the remainder of this year.

We look forward to seeing there. To schedule private meetings in advance for any of these shows, please email info@nanoracks.com.

Space Symposium
Colorado Springs
April 3-6

CubeSat Developers Workshop (Meet us at our booth!)
San Luis Obispo
April 26-28

SpaceTech Expo
Pasadena, CA
May 23-25

Dawn of Private Space Symposium
Columbia University
June 3-4

APL Rideshare Symposium
Columbia, MD
June 13-15

CubeSat Industry Days
Noordwijk, Netherlands
June 13-15

San Francisco, CA
June 21-23

ISS Research and Development Conference (Meet us at our booth!)
Washington, DC
July 18-20

SmallSat (Meet us at our booth!)
Logan, Utah
August 5-10

Canadian SmallSat Symposium
Toronto, Canada
October 17-19

International Astronautical Congress (Meet us at our booth!)
Adelaide, Australia
September 25-29

Reinventing Space Conference
London, England
October 24-27

SpaceCom Expo
Houston, Texas
November 15-17

Next-Gen Suborbital Researchers Conference
Broomfield, Colorado
December 18-20

Download the pdf file. For media inquiries, please email Abby Dickes at adickes@nanoracks.com

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