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View the latest posts about NanoRacks MixStix – fluid mixing tubes – and our commercial space products and facilities on the ISS.

MixStix Non-Activation Investigation reaches Conclusions

Investigation Conclusion:
Michael Johnson and his team have concluded that the failure of the research hardware for NCESSE to have been activated took place because of a flaw in the training procedures.

Previous crews were given on-the-ground review and personal interaction prior to launch. For this mission, the astronaut was the first to receive hardware training solely via video while on…

NanoRacks Investigates No Activation of Program

Recently the hardware that was launched on SpaceX returned safely on Soyuz. As the schools receive the MixStix and begin to analyze the results, we are learning that many of the projects were not activated while on the International Space Station.

Our CTO Michael Johnson has pulled together a team that will coordinate with NASA to determine whether this was a hardware error or flaw in t…

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