Nanoracks Completes Historic Third Round of Space Station CubeSat Deployments

Nanoracks Customer CubeSat

Houston, TX- March 6, 2015— NanoRacks, the Go-To CubeSat Deployment Company, is pleased to announce the successful completion of it’s third full round of CubeSat deployments from the International Space Station.

Deployed from the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer were 16 CubeSats since the February 27, 2015 deployment window opened. Included were 12 Planet Labs Doves (10 Flock-1B, 2 Flock-1D’), Spaceflight Services & MIT’s MicroMAS, San Jose University and Greece’s LambdaSat, NASA Ames’ TechEdSat-4, and the GEARRSat CubeSat.

We are delighted to show once again that the International Space Station is an ideal deployment platform for satellites,” said NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “And we thank our friends at NASA and JAXA for working to make this program a reality.

The latest deployment cycle was made possible only by a historic on-orbit repair of hardware that had earlier not performed. It involved close coordination between the NanoRacks team and officials from the ISS space agencies.

The NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer (NRCSD) began deployments in January 2014. In just 13 months, NanoRacks has established itself as the ‘go-to CubeSat’ company. As the market leader, NanoRacks has deployed 61 CubeSats, with over 170 in the future pipeline. NanoRacks shows everyday that the promise of ISS utilization is being realized now.

NanoRacks External Payloads Manager, Kirk Woellert, added: “We are beyond thrilled to see the NRCSD back in action after on-orbit repairs. Every single CubeSat from this round of deployments has made contact with ground control, and we are celebrating side by side with our customers.

NanoRacks Chief Technology Officer Michael D. Johnson concludes that “Space is now more agile, affordable, accessible, and we are using innovative technology to make efficient ISS services.

About NanoRacks, LLC:

NanoRacks LLC was formed in 2009 to provide commercial hardware and services for the U.S. National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station via a Space Act Agreement with NASA. NanoRacks’ main office is in Houston, Texas, right alongside the NASA Johnson Space Center. The Business Development office is in Washington, DC., and NanoRacks’ now has a new office in Silicon Valley, California. The Company has grown into the Operating System for Space Utilization by having the tools, the hardware and the services to allow other companies, organizations and governments to realize their own space plans.

To date over 200 payloads have been deployed by the Company on the International Space Station and our customer base includes the European Space Agency (ESA) the German Space Agency (DLR,) the American space agency (NASA,) US Government Agencies, Planet Labs, Urthecast, Space Florida, NCESSE, Virgin Galactic, pharmaceutical drug companies, and organizations in Vietnam, UK, Romania and Israel. Our customer base has propelled NanoRacks into a leadership position in understanding the emerging commercial market for low-earth orbit utilization.

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