Nanoracks and KACST Announce Educational Space Station Program


NanoRacks and the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) of Saudi Arabia have announced a multi-year program that provides Saudi students with an attractive pathway to implement projects using NanoRacks’ facilities on the U.S. National Lab on the International Space Station.

At the signing ceremony in Riyhadi, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel, KACST President, stressed the importance of technology in order to assure the next generation of Saudi students remain competitive on the world stage. Mr. Jeffrey Manber, managing director of NanoRacks, echoed Dr. Al-Suwaiyel in agreeing that education is one of the most valuable aspects of any international cooperation such as the program that has brought NanoRacks and KACST together.

In addition to the signing ceremony, NanoRacks and KACST also hosted a workshop to introduce students and educators to the opportunities available via NanoRacks and the U.S. National Lab on International Space Station. https://www.kacst.edu.sa/en/about/media/news/Pages/news278.aspx Lead by Dr. Haitham Abdulaziz Altwaijri, the supervisor of the Space Research Institute, along with Mr. Christopher Cummins, CFO and COO of NanoRacks, the workshop was clearly well appreciated and caught the attention of a number of Saudi schools and students.

At NanoRacks, the program with KACST, which is both the Saudi space agency and national research labs, shows yet again that the U.S. National Lab on International Space Station is truly a world class resource that is attracting the best and brightest to work together. For NanoRacks, this is yet another step in showing how the commercial path can generate robust utilization in low earth orbit.

All of us at NanoRacks look forward to growing the partnership with KACST in the years to come.

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