Nanoracks Completes Flight Integration of CubeSats Bound on Orb1 to the ISS


NanoRacks has completed flight integration of all Customer CubeSats manifested on Orbital Sciences Cargo Resupply Mission 1 “Orb1” to the International Space Station, “ISS”.

The NanoRacks deployer pictured is one of over a dozen deployers to be transported to the US National Lab segment of the international outpost in low-Earth-orbit. The NanoRacks deployers and its customer CubeSats are sealed and transported to the ISS where station astronauts transfer them to the Japanese Experiment Module or “JEM” for later deployment.

Pictured is just one of over a dozen NanoRacks CubeSat deployers with customer CubeSats integrated for flight. These CubeSats are manifested for launch on Orb1 for deployment from the ISS during increment 38. The CubeSats are ejected through the white deployer doors at bottom of the photo. The deployer access panels have been removed showing [Bottom to Top] UAPSat, ArduSat-2, SkyCube, LitSat-1 and LituanicaSAT-1.

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