Nanoracks’ Hardware Arrives at Space Station


The first commercial laboratory in space just welcomed a new sophisticated research capability. With the docking of the Japanese HTV-3 cargo ship, also known as ‘white stork’ or Kounotori 3, the NanoRacks’ Plate Reader is now at the International Space Station.

For further information read more about the NanoRacks Plate Reader

NanoRacks strongly believes that increasing the sophistication of the on-board research tools allows greater capture of microgravity results, rather than having to always rely on the return of payloads. In addition, use of off-the-shelf hardware, in this case a Molecular Devices Plate Reader both lowers the cost of the ISS hardware and provides greater comfort to researchers who can use the same equipment as in their own labs on the earth.

The Plate Reader will join our two research platforms and two microscopes already occupying part of the U.S. National Lab on International Space Station.

We look forward to discussing with you how the commercial pathway can meet your research needs.

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