Position:Project Manager
Reports To:Director of Project Management
LocationWebster, TX
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About Nanoracks

Nanoracks is a cutting-edge aerospace company focusing on providing commercial access to space, currently on the International Space Station (ISS), suborbital vehicles, expendable launch vehicles, and more! We have sent over 1,000 payloads to the Space Station, kickstarted the CubeSat deployment revolution, and have customers in over 30 nations.

Since 2009, Nanoracks has created and expanded new in-space markets and has been the world leader for ushering in a new era of in-space services. Currently, Nanoracks is working to build commercial space stations (“Outposts”) from the spent upper stages of launch vehicles in orbit. This technology will enable spent upper stages to be used as crewed and un-crewed space stations for various purposes and customers—both civil and commercial.

Nanoracks will provide and facilitate an ecosystem of interoperable technologies and distributed free flying space stations. You can read our approach here.

We hope you’ll apply to join our team. We work with leaders from all over the world, including NASA, universities and government centers both foreign and domestic, and commercial companies. We’re fast, fun, passionate, and love sending things to space.

What We're Looking For

Smart, talented, critical thinkers with an ability to handle responsibility in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. You will own your projects and be results oriented. NanoRacks is a small company (70+ awesome people), but we interface with much larger organizations from around the world.  You will need to be able to work in small and large groups as well as simultaneously execute an entire project on time.

Project Manager


The selected candidate will coordinate complex aerospace projects leading a cross functional team of engineers and subcontractors. This role reports to the Manager of Projects, though is accountable to the Program of assignment.

Though this position does not have direct reports, this is a leadership role and must have the ability to motivate, get project buy-in, and keep project momentum.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute projects at all phases, from concept to flight.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with customers to assure customer requirements are met.
  • Create WBSs from the understanding of project objectives. This requires a clear understanding of
  • mission and technical objectives.
  • Coordinate with the technical team to determine a detailed list of tasks which can be utilized to create
  • SOWs, schedules, and budgets.
  • Lead the team to develop risks and opportunity registers that address costs, schedule, and technical
  • development.
  • Foster an effective team communication culture.
  • Manage and report budgets and schedules, as well as assess project issues and develop resolutions to
  • meet productivity, technical, and quality objectives.
  • Identify and manage scope creep.
  • Provide direction for various project tasks to minimize risks and optimize project objectives.
  • Continually assess project team performance and communicate to management any resource constraints
  • that jeopardize project success.
  • Assist management in resource requirement projections.


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or another relevant field.
  • 5 to 10 years aerospace project management experience
  • Project management experience in a fast-paced environment
  • Proven track record managing multiple projects.
  • Experience with all aspects of project management including scheduling, cost controls, stakeholder management, risk analysis, problem resolution, and communication.
  • Must communicate well and work with the various teams within and outside of the organization.
  • Must possess the ability to effectively coordinate efforts with departments/subcontractors and hold teams accountable to meet project deliverables


Preferred Qualifications:

  • MBA
  • PMP
  • The candidate should have a high-level understanding of space vehicle systems and understand the importance of interfacing these systems.
  • Knowledge of program phases, design, testing, qualification.
  • Track projects using project management software.
  • Knowledge of the preparation of technical proposals and project requirements
  • Engineering manpower forecasting and tracking experience (a plus)
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to lead teams to meet project objectives.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to simplify and communicate complex problems.
  • Ability to communicate with all levels in the organization.
  • Detail oriented
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Reliable, self-motivated, and open-minded
  • Geared to share information and communicate with team members.
  • Able to identify program risk, engineering ‘scope creep’, and develop/implement risk mitigation planning.
  • Experience with avionics systems integration, including understanding of electrical and structural aspects


Competitive with local and industry standard.

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