Jacob Scoccimerra

Jacob Scoccimerra

Internal Payloads Mission Manager


Since starting at Nanoracks in September of 2018, Jacob has actualized a life-long interest in space discovery. He currently manages Nanoracks internal payloads on the ISS. Jacob has experience flying payloads on the Nanode platform, Astrobee, Microgravity Science Glovebox, as well as many other non-standard payloads. He loves the challenge of problem solving and brings an element of humor to balance this challenging work. He continues to further his knowledge to assist researchers across the world perform microgravity research.

Jacob has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Penn State University. While at Penn State he was a member of a research team studying algae as biofuels. Prior to Nanoracks, Jacob worked as a materials science engineer at Calgon Carbon and Mine Safety Appliances.