Julia Wolfenbarger Nanoracks

Julia Wolfenbarger

Educational Payload Specialist


Julia Wolfenbarger manages customer missions across a variety of Nanoracks’ platforms, with a special focus on educational customers. She has worked with students as young as six, all the way through Ph.D. candidates, and industry customers. She has a deep passion for expanding access to space to as many individuals as possible, especially learners from backgrounds not traditionally represented in the aerospace industry and space fans who may not yet know they could have a place in the aerospace industry.

Working a mission from contract to completion means Julia can advocate for the customer and other stakeholders throughout the duration of the project. She’s worked throughout here career as a bridge between technical and non-technical customers and colleagues. Before joining Nanoracks early 2018, she served as Manufacturing Engineer on a small team who worked to bring design drawings to life on factory floors across more than 40 locations at Clayton Homes.

Julia holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technical University.