Mike Holguin - Nanoracks

Michael Holguin

Starlab Program Manager


Michael has been a leader at General Dynamics (GD), Lockheed Martin (LM) and United Launch Alliance (ULA) with deep experience managing development of cutting-edge next generation space systems.

Michael has 39 years of experience and held leadership positions as a Program/Mission Manager for the integration and launch of 17 successful DoD, NASA and Commercial satellite programs including 3 new launch vehicle development programs. In partnership with NASA, he managed the development of the inflatable LOFTID re-entry vehicle program and investigated concepts to fly the Bigelow inflatable space stations.

Michael started his career at GD developing astronaut crew flight operations for the STS Space Shuttle Centaur program and later managed the development of the human rated Atlas V for Commercial Crew to fly both the CST-100 and Sierra Nevada Corporations Dreamchaser crew vehicles. His broad experience includes managing the development and upgrade of the AR1 and RD-180 main engines, avionics, propulsion systems and lightweight tank structures programs.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degrees in Telecom and Business Administration. His knowledge and program management acumen will be key to the successful development of Starlab and other related space programs.