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Jeffrey Manber

Jeffrey Manber

Nanoracks Brings Ardbeg Distillery’s Research to Space Station

Ardbeg Distillery

Dear Friends and Customers of NanoRacks,

In 2011, NanoRacks reached out to Ardbeg Distillery about sending vials of terpenes, the building blocks for whisky, to the International Space Station via our Space Act Agreement. The story of these space-faring terpenes has gone international, and the vials returned back to Earth in 2014 on a Soyuz rocket.

These terpenes were paired with barr…

Nanoracks Announced as Finalist in 2015 Laureate Awards

Aviation Week Laureate Awards

Dear Friends and Customers of NanoRacks, 

We are delighted (and surprised) that Aviation Week has included NanoRacks in some lofty company as a finalist in the 2015 Laureate Awards.

Included in the Space Category (see below) is the European Union, European Space Agency, India’s Space Research Organization and NanoRacks. 

Industry recognition is the highest compliment, especially for a…

Jeff Manber testifies before Senate Subcommittee on Space for hearing “From Here to Mars.”

Senate Subcommittee on Space

NanoRacks’ Managing Director Jeff Manber discusses the lessons to be learned from opening up the commercial pathway onboard ISS, and how that serves as a blueprint for the next chapter in space exploration.

“NanoRacks has for the past four years worked to realize a truly commercial business onboard the International Space Station, using our own capital and developing our own customer base.

Nanoracks Receives American Astronautical Society ISS Innovation Award


Denver, CO – July 16, 2013 – NanoRacks is proud to announce it has received the American Astronautical Society (AAS) International Space Station (ISS) Innovation Award.

The AAS ISS Innovation Award is given to…

In-depth interview of Jeff Manber in Space Quarterly

By Jeffrey Manber –

Eva-Jane Lark really pushed me during our interview for Space Quarterly, and the result, as I’m sure everyone agrees, is a really good article on where we are in commercial space and where we are going both as a company and an industry.

A New Chapter Called Utilization

By Jeffrey Manber – Last night, at about 23:00 Central time, the final NanoRacks’ payload on STS-135 was deactivated by the astronauts.

Included in that payload was the Israeli’s Fisher Institute’s second series of programs with us. By our reckoning, that deactivation was probably one of the final payloads to be shut down by the Atlantis crew, and hence one of the last payloads of the Spac…

NASA Web Site Highlights Nanoracks’ Educational Partner NCESSE

By Jeffrey Manber – NASA’s educational folks have taken note of the great job that Jeff Goldstein and everyone at SSEP has done in launching a national space STEM project via the NanoRacks’ flight and payload opportunities. You can read what they say on the NASA web site at…

A Whirlwind of Energy for the Marketplace

By Jeffrey Manber – I’m really delighted that The Fisher Institute of Israel is onboard the NanoRacks’ STS 134 mission. The formal name of our new customer is the Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies, and this respected organization is a world-leader in both aerospace and space research, with particular focus on bio-medicine and bio-pharmaceutical research. Download the fu…

Welcome one and all to Nanoracks’ New Web Site

By Jeffrey Manber – Here it is! A brand new web site to celebrate our new theme of ‘space 4 everyone!’

Our objective is to provide a platform where you-the growing number of users for space station products and services can come together to ask questions, answer questions, complain, learn, be creative, get results, change how we think about low earth orbit, really get close to t…

Nanoracks Platform Activation Footage

NASA has released video footage of the first NanoRacks Platform and CubeLabs being located into ExPRESS Rack 4 in the Japanese Experiment Module ON-BOARD the International Space Station.

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