Nanoracks Team With Blue Origin on Suborbital Research


Dear NanoRacks’ Customers and Friends:

I’m delighted to announce that we are teaming with our friends at Blue Origin to provide customer support for suborbital research and education opportunities.

In just five years, NanoRacks has become the go-to company for International Space Station utilization. To date, we have successfully integrated over 250 payloads through the NASA system. And now, for the first time, we can offer seamless customer support and integration from suborbital to low-earth orbit, from Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle to the International Space Station.

For many projects, a productive first step towards space research would be to test hardware and methodology via a suborbital platform. Some of you, in both education and research, may only need suborbital. But the opportunity was just not available. Until now.

All of us at NanoRacks were thrilled with the successful April mission of Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle, a fully reusable vertical takeoff and landing commercial space vehicle which you can see here:

We knew right away that this flight would usher in a new age of space exploration, and did not hesitate in accepting the invitation from Blue Origin to team together on customer support.

Why Suborbital?

  • Pre-launch access to launch site and post-launch rapid return of payloads
  • Frequent access to suborbital environment for repeat payloads and eventually researchers as well
  • Variable gravity in short periods of time
  • An opportunity for TRL raising
  • Robust control systems on the perfect educational vehicle
  • Large and diverse sampling of microgravity exposures
  • A great stepping stone to the space station
  • All at competitive price points
  • …and many other reasons!

nanoracks blue origin palm cardsWant to learn more? Take the leap at https://nanoracks.com/products/suborbital-services/
If interested in being an early pioneer in the New Shepard vehicle experience, contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. Together, with our Blue Origin colleagues, we will explore how the New Shepard vehicle can meet your needs.

These are exciting times for democratizing the access to space. All of us at NanoRacks and Blue Origin look forward to taking space utilization and exploration to a whole new level of reward and excitement. Be a part of our journey.

Jeffrey Manber
Chief Executive Officer

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