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Nanoracks Integrates Largest New Shepard Payload Manifest to Date

Van Horn, Texas – December 12, 2017 – NanoRacks is pleased to have taken part in yet another successful Blue Origin New Shepard space vehicle mission. This morning marked New Shepard’s 7th flight, and the third flight in which NanoRacks has managed customer payload integration.

As a part of the NanoRacks teaming agreement with Blue Origin, the Company partakes in both business…

Nanoracks Advances International Space Station Utilization

NanoRacks Advances International Space Station Utilization

Cape Canaveral, Florida –15 July 2016 – NanoRacks is proudly advancing International Space Station (ISS) utilization across a wide range of users – from education to international organizations to professional researchers – both inside and outside of Station – all on one mission. On SpaceX’s Commercial Resupply Mission-9 (SpaceX-9), scheduled for the early hours of Monday July 18, ar…

Nanoracks to Launch Second Generation Plate Reader to NASA’s ISS

Second Generation Plate Reader for ISS

Houston, TX – July 12, 2016 – NanoRacks, LLC, a leading provider of commercial pathway solutions aboard the International Space Station, is launching the NanoRacks Plate Reader-2 to the International Space Station. In May 2011, NanoRacks launched the first-ever microplate reader in space providing researchers the ability to conduct microplate reader experiments in microgravity for the first…

Nanoracks Supports Payload Integration on New Shepard Space Vehicle

Payload Integration on New Shepard

June 22, 2016 – West Texas Launch Site – NanoRacks has successfully manifested and integrated the Company’s first payload on a Blue Origin flight – the fourth launch and landing of the same New Shepard space vehicle on June 19, 2016.

The NanoRacks team is excited about this key milestone, and looks forward to bringing the same customer diversity we enjoy on the International Space Station…

Nanoracks Developing Research Hardware Exclusively for Blue Origin’s New Shepard Space Vehicle

Developing Hardware for Blue Origin’s New Shepard

NanoRacks is excited to announce today a new product line for standardized hardware exclusively for Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle.

For each locker with NanoRacks interfaces, the NanoRacks-New Shepard Platform (NR-NSP) will support up to 12 2U payloads with:

Event sense interface with Blue Origin
DC power isolation and conditioning
Single Board Computer interface to…

University of Central Florida is First to Conduct Microgravity Research via Nanoracks on ISS, and in suborbital space, via Blue Origin

University of Central Florida is First to Conduct Microgravity Research on ISS, and in suborbital space

April 13, 2016-Webster, TX – Researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF) have become the first-ever team to experiment on both NanoRacks’ commercial research lab onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and in suborbital space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle.

The UCF team, led by physics professor and Assistant Director of the Florida Space Institute, Dr. Jos…

Nanoracks Team With Blue Origin on Suborbital Research

nanoracks blue origin palm cards

Dear NanoRacks’ Customers and Friends:

I’m delighted to announce that we are teaming with our friends at Blue Origin to provide customer support for suborbital research and education opportunities.

In just five years, NanoRacks has become the go-to company for International Space Station utilization. To date, we have successfully integrated over 250 payloads through the NASA system. And…

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